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Who are we?

Valkyrie Protection Agency may be new in the industry, but it has experienced security veterans at its core. Owned by a US army special operations veteran and a firearms expert, you know you have chosen a company that will bring experience, professionalism and dedication to the security industry. Each security guard is hand picked and are the best in the business, or show promise to be. We, as a company, are dedicated to helping our guards to be leaders in the industry.



Security Guard Smiling

How are we different?

As a company, we care for our employees, as they make us what we are.

We create a community and network with other businesses to give our

guards the best benefits, which are lacking in many companies across

the state. 

We hold our agents to a higher standard of training and performance

than many other companies in the industry. Some of these standards and training include: CPR Certifications, expert usage of NARCAN, First Responder training (medical) and training beyond the requirements of DPS. All our professionals are also required to meet our physical standards, which are equivalent to law enforcement standards across the county.

We pay competitive wages, have Health Insurance, Dental, Vision and 401k available to all full, or part time employees. We have in depth training and up-training to keep our guards in their best form.

As a company, we have partnered with "Adaptive Firearms Institute" for training and development at a steep discount for all our employees. Something that you can't get at any other security guard agency.

Security  guards looking at paperwork

Why choose us?

With experienced and dedicated staff, and great pricing plans and discounts for recurring customers, we hope you choose us to assist you in your security needs. If you're ready to upgrade your security needs, contact us today at 480-687-2867.

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