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Available Services

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Private Unarmed Security

Responsible for monitoring a location or equipment such as a retail store, hotel or office building.

An option for Low Risk properties and clients that have theft and trespass issues.

These security professionals take a hands off approach and will observe and report findings to the clients. This can reduce liability and help with crime prevention.


Armed Patrolling

Our company offers a mobile unit that can patrol single and multi site locations.

All of our patrol professionals are armed. This service can also be set up as an "on call" service.


Private Armed Security

These professionals are licensed and trained to carry weapons, which may be used under extreme duress.

These security professionals are trained to use tools and tactics to minimize liability and loss of life.

Lethal force is the last resort for our trained professionals, they are trained to use the minimal amount of force to stop the threat or crime.


Executive Protection

Close quarter protection for assets or individuals.

Specializing in transporting or protection of VIPs.


State and Government Contracting

As a company, we are open and available to receive state and governmental contracts. 

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