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Our Training Program

We’re 100% dedicated to the absolute best training in the industry and provide you with unlimited growth and promotional opportunities, not to mention an extremely competitive compensation package. We care about your career development and want to see you be the best YOU can achieve.


With an onboarding package created by our training team, you'll find yourself fitting in with our company procedures a lot faster than any other company in the state. Our onboarding program has been created by a former fortune 500 company trainer, so you know you're in good hands!

DPS Unarmed and Defensive Tactics

In the state of Arizona, the Department of Public Safety oversees and manages security guard standards. The minimum requirements come from DPS, and Valkyrie expands on those requirements to provide a better service. The unarmed training consists mainly of reporting, and law enforcement interactions. Valkyrie Protection Agency adds empty handed tactics and training to enhance capabilities of unarmed guards. Valkyrie also puts a heavy focus on Arizona Revised Statutes in this training. We believe that it is important for the guards to know all the laws that affect our duties and how they are applied to secure the facilities we are contracted for.

AXON Certified Instructors/users

Valkyrie has access to in-house trainers who are able to certify our guards in the use of the taser conductive energy weapon to AXON’s strict standards. Not only does this reduce the likelihood of an unjustified taser deployment, but also assists in assuring best practices with our guards.

DPS Armed Class

The industry standard for armed security in the state of Arizona is a sixteen hour Power Point presentation and a very basic pistol qualification. This is the bare minimum baseline for security personnel which Valkyrie strives to exceed with the help from the professionals at Extreme Defense USA. Our training currently consists of a five day class which exposes our guards to real world and stress inducing scenarios. The right answer to a volatile situation often isn’t a firearm. However, should our guard or a third party be faced with loss of life or serious bodily harm due to a violent assailant, he or she will be able to end that confrontation with minimal collateral damage.

CPR/AED, Massive Hemorrhage, NARCAN

A heart attack or laceration of a major blood vessel can occur even in the safest areas, and overdoses are on the rise. Valkyrie strives to provide personnel who are able to handle a variety of life or death situations. This training gives our guards the tools to avert some of the most common preventable fatalities, which occur daily.



The safest way to resolve a volatile situation is to defuse it. Valkyrie spends a significant amount of time and effort teaching its personnel to use their words as their greatest tools. Even the best trained and equipped professional can find themselves in a bad situation, should it turn violent, which is why the safest way to end a fight is to stop it from occurring in the first place.

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